Graduation Announcement

Receiving a graduation announcement typically makes you feel the need to buy a gift for the person graduating, but I'll tell you right now in my case that is not expected nor would one be accepted. There are plenty of charities out there that are in need of help if you feel so inclined. If you have received an announcement or a link to this page from me, it is only because I'm proud of my achievement and I wanted you to know about it. On December 17th, 2011 I will graduate from Northeastern State University with my Bachelors degree in Information Systems.

I cannot believe this day has finally come. It seems like a lifetime ago when I walked into South Oklahoma City Junior College in the Spring of 1982 and started my journey toward earning a college degree. At times it seemed with my moves working for IBM I was trying to attend every college in what was at that time the Big 8:

My college career has spanned many years of my life, from before my boys were born to when they started attending college. From diapers to diplomas and everything in between.

I have experienced my share of challenges along the way. I spent a lot of time after work in the evenings and weekends studying. Riding in a car or plane on vacation were opportunities to catch up on homework, like Statistics and Information Systems on the plane home from Cabo, Astronomy in the car from Lenexa, Kansas to Norman for a visit home, and Finance in the car from Eureka Springs to Tulsa to name a few. If you have children who think they can wait until they start a family and a career to start college, I can provide the motivation they need to go immediately after high school.

There were also many missed parties and events because of a having class in the evening. As soon as I enrolled in classes, the invitations started pouring in for events on those nights.

I could not have accomplished this without:

Graduation Announcement



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